Portable ULV Fogger/Mister

Portable ULV Fogging/Misting Equipment

ULV Fogging (misting) is the aerial application of water based insecticides through the use of mist blowing equipment. ULV foggers are typically designed to produce very small droplets ranging from 1-150 µm through the use of a specialized nozzle to spray a fine mist of insecticides. This mist will drift and spread around the premise before settling down as residue on the landscape. These insecticides are formulated to kill mosquitoes on contact in mist and residue form, allowing longer lasting protection. Useable both indoors and outdoors. Save costs on mosquito control by doing your own misting. All our portable foggers are easy to use and do not require a vector control license.

We currently offer three different ULV foggers: the VectorFog C100, and the VectorFog DC20. 
The VectorFog C100 is powered via a 5m power cord.  The VectorFog DC20+ is smaller and less powerful but comes with an internal battery for portability. 

Looking for something stress-free or less labour-intensive?  Check out our automated misting systems here!