VectorFog DC20+

VectorFog DC20+

SGD 1300

200212 - DC20 Plus
  • Battery Operated Machine
    Compact, powerful, portable (operate anywhere) and safe (no plugs/wires to trip over).
  • Special Designed Nozzle
    Specially designed to adjust the droplet size between 5-50 microns while controlling
    the minimum flow rate of 0.25 L/min.
  • Solution Compatibility
    Is compatible with different types of solutions such as water, oil, disinfectants, sanitizers,
    deodorizers, insecticides and others.
  • Quiet Cordless ULV Fogger
    Generally more quiet than thermal foggers, which is useful in confined areas.

Tank Capacity

2 Litres

Power Source

Lithium Battery

45 mins at continuous operation

2.5 - 3hrs charging time

Spray Specifications

Adjustable 10-20L/h flow rate

6m Horizontal/ 4m Vertical Spray

Adjustable 5-50micron droplet size

Empty Weight

3.2 Kg


480mm (L) x 200mm (H) x 250mm (W)