Mosquito Traps

Mosquito Traps

Our traps are specifically designed to attract female mosquitoes using a combination of chemical attractants (octenol, lactic acid, and carbon dioxide), visual attractants (spectrum and ultraviolet lights), as well as auditory attractants. Once mosquitoes enter the trap, wind from the trap’s fan will trap the mosquitoes, eventually killing the mosquitoes either through drowning or dehydration. These traps are designed to be environmentally friendly. They are generally unobtrusive and the attractants they emit are imperceptible to humans. These traps are made to run 24/7.

We have 2 different indoor mosquito traps: the MosTrap and the Intelligent Trap.  The MosTrap uses a UV tube whereas the Intelligent Trap uses a UV LED.  The UV tube emits heat, making it more effective at attracting mosquitoes than the UV LED, but has a shorter lifespan.  UV tubes can be replaced.  At the moment, the UV LEDs cannot be replaced.

Indoor Traps

Intelligent Trap

Outdoor Traps