• Do you have a mosquito problem? Let our experts assist you in finding the best solution. Mosquito Management System offers consultations to residential, commercial and government property owners who find themselves beset by the problems associated with a large, uncontrolled mosquito population.
  • Book a date with us for a free site visit! We firmly believe that the most effective abatement and control strategy is one that is tailored to your specific requirements, and our staff will be able advice you better after the visit.
  • Mosquito Management System offers the following services to clients on a contract. Customers who have previously purchased our products may also engage our services at an additional cost.

Automated Mosquito Misting Services

This is an option for customers who wish to simply install and forget.

Like the DIY ULV Fogging, the fully automated Mosquito Misting System gives customers the advantages of misting at the right times and whenever they need. The main difference is that with the mosquito misting system, customers do not have to do a thing. The mosquito misting system will mist on a schedule and a separate remote allows misting on demand with just a push of a button.

Our licensed technicians will come by and top up the pesticides periodically and will ensure that all parts are working as intended. If any parts are found to be defective, our technicians will advise you on the recommended course of action.

Do-It-Yourself ULV Fogging (Misting)

The best times to fog is between dusk to dawn, as most mosquitoes are very active during this period. By providing our customers with the option to purchase portable ULV foggers, our customers are able to do their own misting, allowing them to mist at the right times and whenever they need.

Because cold fogging is generally safe and the pesticide that we offer (EcoEXEMPT IC3 Plus) is organic, customers who DIY do not have to worry about being certified or worry about any negative health effects. ULV fogging can be done in both indoors and outdoors.

Conventional Mosquito Control Services

Our technicians are fully trained to conduct mosquito control services to knock out and remove mosquitoes as efficiently as possible. During our visits, we will perform ULV fogging services as well as larviciding services to ensure that mosquitoes are completely eradicated from the area.

ULV Fogging (Misting) - The aerial application of insecticides through a (cold) fogger that uses a specialized compressive nozzle. Because this method of fogging does not use heating elements, misting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Larviciding - Preventive method used to interrupt the development of larvae into adult mosquitoes. Larviciding is done on mosquito hotspots, preventing further adult mosquitoes from emerging, and therefore allowing a more preemptive approach to mosquito control.

Trapping Services

All our traps rely on active attractants to bait and kill mosquitoes within your premises. These attractants are consumables which need to be replaced periodically for optimal performance.

During routine visits, technicians will assist contracted customers in the replacement of baits and attractants, which must be purchased separately.

Traps inevitably warrant periodic maintenance, especially in the hot and wet climate of tropical Singapore and while all our products are designed rugged and made to last, we do acknowledge that moving parts and UV lights may fail after prolonged operation.

During visits, our technicians will check to ensure that all your traps are in working order, and are functioning optimally.

If we find that a trap is faulty during any of our visits, our technicians are trained to conduct on-site assessments and repairs so that you will never be out of our protection. Should our technicians find that the trap needs to be taken back for more extensive servicing, we will temporarily loan you a new unit until the servicing is complete.