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Mosquito control is our specialty, we do what we can to stay ahead!

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Established in Singapore in 1982, Mosquito Management System Pte Ltd is a distributor and service provider of a range of products focused on the abatement and control of mosquitoes in homes and various facilities around Singapore.

Our goal is to provide a systemised approach to the control and abolishment of the mosquitoes in localised areas, both inside and around homes and facilities in tropical locations. We aim to give you a total peace of mind by reducing the number of these disease-carrying nuisances in your living and working spaces.

Our Story

Originally focusing on the environmentally-friendly mosquito traps and since the introduction of customized monthly maintenance and services in 2005, Mosquito Management System has been continuously attaining credibility by providing effective tailored-solutions to the mosquito problem that assails homes and businesses in Singapore year after year.

Now, Mosquito Management System has grown to offer a variety of mosquito control products and services that are designed to cater to the different needs of its customers, from economical DIY ULV foggers to the hassle-free, install-and-forget mosquito misting systems.

Simply put, our tailored systems are designed to meet your specific needs and expectations, while providing you with 24-7 protection 365 days a year, giving you absolute peace of mind from the prevalent potential problems caused by these perennial pests.