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Supplies and Accessories

Supplies and Accessories


EcoLOGIX IC (Formerly known as EcoExempt IC3)

1 Gallon Bottle of Organic (Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Geraniol) Insecticide Concentrate. For indoor and outdoor misting.  Requires dilution.

Price: S$250.00

Compatibility: VectorFog C100, Pioneer Electrical ULV Fogger


250mL Bantol-181 Lactic Lure

Bottle of 250mL Highly Concentrated Bantol-181 Lactic Lure.  Requires dilution before use.

Price: S$32.00

Usage: approx. 2 months

Compatibility: Mosquito Slayer


Octenol Attractant Cartridge

Cartridge containing octenol powder for use in mosquito traps

Price: S$16.00

Usage: approx. 1 month

Compatibility: Mosquito Slayer


MosTrap Attractant Cartridge

Cartridge set containing octenol powder and lactic acid powder

Price: S$6.00

Usage: approx. 1 month

Compatibility: MosTrap


Mosquito Attractant Cartridge

Cartridge containing a mixture of octenol powder and lactic acid powder.  Can be used to compliment existing store-bought insect traps.

Price: S$7.00

Usage: approx. 1 month

Compatibility: MegaTrap, Intelligent Trap, Other Traps


MosTrap/MegaTrap UV Tube

Replacment Ultraviolet Tube for MosTraps and MegaTraps

Price: S$6.00

Compatibility: MosTrap, MegaTrap