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Automated Mosquito Misting System

Automated Mosquito Misting Systems

Automated mosquito misting systems are designed to spray an insecticide throughout the premises. These systems consists of a central unit, which contains a pump and insecticide solution, as well as a nozzle circuit that is installed throughout the premises. Working on a concept similar to a water sprinkler system, the mosquito misting system will spray an insecticide on a predetermined schedule, ensuring constant protection from mosquitoes without having to lift a finger.

We currently offer two different systems: the basic MistAway Gen 1.3 Drum System and the more sophisticated MistAway GenIII+ Tankless System. See the comparison table below to see which one suits your needs.

Prices are highly dependent on the size of the area. Contact us for a free consultation and quotation

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MistAway Gen 1.3 Drum System

MistAway GenIII+ Tankless System

Number of Nozzles

150 Nozzles

150 Nozzles

Central Unit Size

120cm (H) x 60cm (Dia)

56cm (L) x 35cm (D) x 51cm (H)

Remote Control



Error Indicator



MistAway Gen 1.3+ Drum System
MistAway GenIII+ Tankless System

Example Installation plan

House sketch with pics