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Intelligent Trap

Mosquito Trap


Main Product: Intelligent Trap

Supplementary Product: Mosquito Attractant Cartridge

Intelligent Trap


The Intelligent Trap traps and exterminates flying nuisances quietly, effectively and hygienically.  It does this using an energy-saving and long lasting UV LED light, making it highly efficient (low power consumption rating of less than 5 watts) and long lasting (up to 50,000 hours).


The Intelligent Trap comes with an additional "Auto" function, letting the trap turn on automatically during dim conditions, and standby during bright conditions.

A specially designed container is used to prevent trapped mosquitoes from flying away.

The mosquito trap is able to utilise attractant cartridges to increase effectiveness in attracting mosquitoes.  Active attractants come in the form of a slow release cartridge which gradually depletes. Attractant cartridges are safe to handle and easy to replace.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is the substance muscles produce as a by-product of exercise. Through sweat and perspiration, small amounts of lactic acid are released into the air, the scent of which also attracts mosquitoes.

Lactic acid is odorless in the amounts released by Intelligent Mosquito Trap. The attractant is contained securely in the locked base of the trap, so that children and pets will not come into accidental contact with it.


Octenol is a chemical contained in small quantities in human breath and sweat. It is odorless at the levels released by Mostrap, and like all our active attractants, it is stored such that accidental contact is minimized.

Ultraviolet Light

A large variety of insect pests are attracted to ultraviolet (UV) light, as a result of the structure of their compound eyes. Insects fly towards the light until they are sucked into the trap by its powerful fan.


Mosquitoes see and feel the heat that our body gives off. The trap features a heat surface which is approximately the same temperature as human skin. This offers credible landing zone for mosquitoes and biting insects.