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Automatic Mosquito Misting System

Green Mister Misting System


The Green Mister is a mosquito misting system that pumps an insecticide solution through the attached nozzle circuit. The insecticide solution is first premixed and stored in a 50 gallon drum and is then sprayed through the nozzles in the form of a fine mist that will drift around, killing any mosquitoes on contact.


Programmable Misting Schedule - Program your misting to suit your schedule to ensure that mosquitoes are gone by the time you get home. We recommend misting in the early morning and late afternoon/early evening. This is when most mosquitoes are more active and benefical insects such as butterflies are least active.

Ample Coverage - The Green Mister can support up to 50 nozzles placed approximately 3 meters apart. This means that a single unit can provide protection for most detached houses/bungalows.

Weather Resistant - Designed to withstand the elements, the system is built to run for years despite being exposed to sunlight, heat, rain, or humidity.

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Prices are highly dependent on the size of the premises and landscape features. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and inspection for a quotation.

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