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ULV Fogging

Pioneer Electrical ULV Fogger (S$3200)
  • The Pioneer Electrical ULV Fogger gives you the freedom from power cables and power outlets and is equipped with a precision regulating valve that lets you adjust flow rate and particle size.
  • 90% of droplets produced are under 20.00 microns in diameter. Droplets in this size range can linger in the air for over 4 hours, perfect for killing flying insects.
  • A flexible hose with handle on nozzle lets you spray into hard-to-reach areas such as between kitchen cabinets, under carpets, above ceilings, and into ducts. Optional Spraying Nozzle Configuration Wide-angle spraying swirl nozzle, suit for short-distance spraying.
  • Small-angle spraying swirl nozzle, suit for long-distance spraying. Ultra Low Volume fogger dispenses both water-and oil-based pesticides, fungicides, disinfectants, miticides, poultry vaccines, and odour neutralisers.
  • Our ULV foggers have been widely used by customers in both indoor and outdoor environments:
    • Living: homes, hotels, ...
    • Offices: hospitals, schools, animal care facilities, ...
    • Industrial: greenhouses, food processing plants, warehouses, dairy and poultry farms, ...
    • Public health: disease control, malaria, ...

Tank Capacity Power Source Flow Rate Weight (Empty) Dimensions
5 Litres Battery (approximately 90 minutes) 0-27 LPH 12.7kg (Machine 8kg + Battery 4.7kg) L380mm x H490mm x W208mm