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ULV Fogging

Hurricane Ultra ULV Mister (S$850)
  • The Hurricane Ultra features solid brass metering valve for delivering precise outputs and maximizing use of chemicals. The droplets sizes can be controlled for both ULV spraying and residual spraying.
  • The Hurricane Ultra is ideal for use in spraying industrial and residential areas.
  • Farms, warehouses, animal care facilities and disease control programs are just a few of the markets where the HURRICANE ULTRA is used.
  • Some commonly sprayed solutions are : Insecticides, Disinfectants, Deodorizers, Fungicides, Odour Neutralizers, Water (Humidification), Germicides and Poultry Vaccines.
  • It comes with a rugged design that handles corrosive liquids and heavy impacts.

Model 2796 (220 v AC) Flow Rate Droplet Size Tank Capacity Tank Diameter Machine Height Weight (Empty)
220/240 v AC 3.5 AMPS 50/60 HZ 0-4.5 U.S GPH 0-17 LPH 10-12 MICRON (MMD) 3.8 litres 30.48cm 35.6cm 3.0kg